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September 11, 2017
Prepare for Winter’s Worst with Free AAA Car Care Check

To help motorists prepare for the winter driving season, AAA is offering free 18-point vehicle car care checks on Saturday, October 21, from 8 am to noon, at their state headquarters at 910 North 96 Street in Omaha. Participants are encouraged to enter from Burt Street.

Car components checked on standard passenger vehicles include batteries (cables, clamps, terminals and charging/starting system), belts, hoses, tires (pressure, tread), horn, mirrors, fluid levels (under the hood fluids only), wipers, lights and turn signals.  Checks will not be available for RVs, electric vehicles, some sports cars, and hybrid vehicles. 

Before the winter season arrives, AAA advises all motorists to check the following:
Battery--Check for loose battery cables and corroded terminals.  Charging system should be tested.
Antifreeze—Check the antifreeze strength in the radiator overflow reservoir with a proper coolant tester.  Antifreeze should be clean, at the proper level and provide protection to 36 degrees below zero.
Brake Fluid, Oil, Power Steering Fluid—See owner’s manual for details and recommended intervals.
Automatic transmission fluid—Vehicle should be on level ground in “park” position with a functioning emergency brake engaged and the engine running at operating temperature.  Check fluid level with dipstick.
Belts and hoses—Inspect the serpentine belt(s) for excessive cracks, fraying and glazing.  Check hoses for cracks, bulges, leaks and loose clamps. 
Air filter—Hold filter up to a light.  If you can’t see light through it, replace it.
Washer fluid—Keep reservoir filled with winter grade solvent.
Wipers—Replace wipers if they are split, leave streaks or skip.
Lights/signals—Check all lights including reverse, emergency, high-beam and brake lights.
Tires--Inspect tread wear and air pressure.  If you own a vehicle with a under mount spare tire, check the lowering device to ensure it is functioning.  Check the spare tire for proper pressure.

If inclement weather develops, the free car care check may be cancelled.  For more information, visit, call 1-800-AAA-NEBR, or visit your local AAA office.
18-point vehicle inspection includes:
Wiper blades
Check mirrors
Headlights (low beam/high beam)
Tail lights/Park lights
Brake lights
Backup lights.
Turn signals  
Engine oil
Transmission Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
Brake Fluid
Washer Fluid
Tire Pressure
Tire Tread    
Battery – cables, clamps, and terminals
Battery -  voltage test


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