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June 21, 2007
Try it Before You Buy it -- Some Car Rental Agencies Offer Hybrid Vehicles

If you have ever thought about purchasing a hybrid vehicle, you may want to consider renting one of these gas-electric vehicles before you make your purchase.

Some rental car companies have added these gas saving units to their fleet and they are now available at select locations across the U.S., reports AAA Nebraska.

Renting a hybrid vehicle will provide first-time-users the opportunity to truly test its fuel efficiency, comfort and accelerating power.

During the next two years, Hertz is adding thousands of new, fuel-efficient hybrid cars to their rental fleets. By offering them in select cities in which stop-and-go traffic is the norm, motorists will be able to receive maximum fuel efficiency.

Enterprise has approximately 3,000 gas-electric hybrids available in the U.S. Avis plans to add hybrids to their fleet.

Drivers renting a hybrid can expect to save on fuel since they average about 50 to 55 miles per gallon in stop-and-go traffic. Unfortunately, the savings may be offset by a higher rental charge rate for the hybrid models.

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