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March 30, 2016
National Gas Average Above $2 - First Time in 3 Months


The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline climbed above the $2 benchmark last week for the first time this year.  According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, today’s average price of $2.04 per gallon represents an increase of six cents compared to a week ago and is the highest daily average since Dec. 5, 2015.  Nebraska’s statewide average price is three cents above the national average at $2.07 a gallon.  Even though fuel prices across the state have climbed 30 cents a gallon during the past month, motorists are saving 32 cents a gallon compared to a year ago and $1.48 a gallon compared to this date two years ago.  Fuel price averages reported on March 28 of more than 150 Nebraska communities show that regular unleaded ranges from a low of $1.84 to a high of $2.45 a gallon.  For more information on fuel prices, visit


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