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March 09, 2016
Warmer Temperatures Attracting Motorcycle Riders


Recent record-high temperatures are giving motorcycle riders an early start on the riding season.  AAA reminds motorists to look for motorcyclists in the traffic mix.  Always look twice before changing lanes, pulling into moving traffic from a side street or parking lot, and when making left turns.  Visibility may be compromised during dawn and dusk, so motorists are encouraged to use extra caution during these periods when bright sunlight may hamper a driver’s ability to see clearly.  Also, keep in mind that sand utilized during the last winter storm to help prevent skids, may actually increase stopping distance on dry pavement.  Drivers should never cut in front of a motorcyclist, especially if driving a high-profile vehicle, which tends to kick-up rocks and other hazardous road debris.  For more information visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website at   AAA encourages all riders to take a motorcycle riding course or an experienced rider training course.  For more information on the rider training programs available in Nebraska, visit


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